Delta Titanium 1-6x24 HD Illuminated 4A S Rifle Scope

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Delta Titanium 1-6x24 HD Illuminated 4A S Rifle Scope

The Delta Titanium 1-6x24 HD Illuminated is the perfect optic for hunters look for a quick target acquisition optic for hunting. A Delta Titanium 1-6x24 HD Illuminated boasts a very large field of view (36m per 100m) puts this model in the forefront. Such a large field of view ensures the comfort of a precise shot while maintaining maximum safety.

More Information
Brand Delta Optical
Popularity Delta Titanium 1-6x24 HD Illuminated 4A S Rifle Scope
SKU DO-2436
Illuminated Reticle Yes
Tube Diameter 30 mm
Highest Magnification 1x-10x
Reticle Plane Second
Delta Titanium 1-6x24 HD Illuminated 4A S Rifle Scope - Specifications

- SKU: DO-2436

- Water resistance: 0.3 kg / cm2

- Diameter of the lens: 24 mm

- Exit pupil: 11.4 – 4 mm

- Minimum magnification: 1 x

- Maximum magnification: 6 x

- Resistance to shock: 6500 J

- Distance from the eye 99 – 98 mm

- Nitrogen filling: YES

- Working temperature: -20 / 71 ° C ° C

- Linear field of view at 100 m: 35.6 – 5.9 m

- Target type: 4A S

- Mesh backlight: YES

- Single cross adjustment (MOA): 0.25 MOA

- Cross adjustment range: 80 MOA Length: 256 mm

- Weight: 490 g Warranty: 120 months

- Zoom – range:  1-6

Delta Titanium 1-6x24 HD Illuminated 4A S Rifle Scope - Features

The Delta Titanium 1-6x24 HD Illuminated offers exceptional quality and precision. Each parameter has been refined with the end user in mind:

- High light transmission – approx. 92% for the entire optical system of the telescope allowing hunting even with residual lighting.

- The centrally backlit red IR point – mounted in all Delta Optical Titanium telescopes with a 30 mm tube. Thanks to the day / night backlight, the Delta Titanium 1-6x24 HD Illuminated scope has 11 possibilities for setting the dot intensity.

- High mechanical resistance – strong tube with a diameter of 30 mm tube which can withstand recoil on weapons with an initial energy up to 6,500 J.

- Water resistance – The Delta Optical Titanium riflescope works well in all conditions, the inside of the telescope is filled with nitrogen.

- Parallax SF regulation – Side Focus, the telescope will hit without any problems in the targets, even 800 m away from the shooting position.

- Hydrophobic coatings – cause water drops on the lens to flow. Traces of rain fall without a trace down the lens.

- Precise and smooth adjustment of the central aiming point

- The possibility of zeroing the telescope settings makes it very easy to use.

- Spare parts – permanently available at Delta Optical and dedicated technical support.

- Light transmission as well as mechanical strength were confirmed by tests carried out at the German DEVA Institute.

4A S Reticle (With center dot illumination)

Delta 4AS Reticle