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  • Pulsar Firmware 2.0 Update
    Pulsar Firmware 2.0 Update

    The sound is ON for the Thermion & Axion Series

    PULSAR has announced the latest Firmware 2.0 updates that are now
    available for the Thermion and Axion Series.

    These new updates enhance devices to offer the best user experience
    with upgrades being made to the unit’s functionality, image processing and sound recording.

    What devices are affected and how:

    SKU Model
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  • BFTA Grand Prix Series 2019
    BFTA Grand Prix Series 2019

    It all culminated in the last round of the GP series at Blackbrook on the 25th of August. One of the hottest days of shooting I’ve had in a long-time lead to an interesting and testing day. Not only crazy 34C heat but some gusty switching winds also added to the days drama.

    Course was a well-balanced course that suited the weather and kept you interested.

    After a long and costly series for a lot of shooters, travelling the whole country the results were finally decided.

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