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Sniper Hider 50mm Vortex Razor HD ARD Weatherproof Sunshade
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Sniper Hider ARD Weatherproof Sunshade for 56mm Schmidt/SteinerM5Xi/Khales K624I
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Sniper Hider COLD WEATHER ARD Weatherproof Sunshade for 56mm Schmidt / Steiner M5Xi / Khales K624I
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Sniper Solutions was founded in 2006 initially to provide specialist Sniper training and to help increase the Sniper’s close precision fire effectiveness by improving their live firing ability.

Today, Sniper Solutions work closely with the Sniping community in research and development and in particular in barrier penetration, barrier penetrating munitions, and Counter-Terrorist (CT) Sniping.

The company can now also offer a range of specialist Sniping tools for the task such as the battle-proven Sniper Hider ®.

“Working closely with and supporting friendly sniper groups worldwide has always been at the forefront of our activities and services.” (Sniper Solutions)