(NEW) WULF Avenger 8x42 1200m Laser Rangefinding Binocular w/ Binocular Harness

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The WULF Avenger 8x42 1200m Laser Rangefinding Binocular is a game changer, bringing an industry-first laser range-finding binocular that not only retails for under £400 but partners this with our unlimited lifetime warranty helping to make this one of the best value for money optical products currently on the market. 

This feature-rich laser rangefinding binocular comes with a PCLD display which is typically seen with LRF binoculars that retail at a much higher price point. PCLD displays allow the user to maintain their full field view yet offer multiple display readouts conveniently in the centre of the binoculars view. The Avenger 8x42 LRF comes with all the features you require when out in the field; these include scan, line of sight distance, horizontal distance & tilt. 

The Avenger 8x42 was bought to the market to offer an optical performance that was aligned with equivalent binoculars at a sub £500 retail price point but offered gave the additional benefit of incorporating a full specification 1200m laser rangefinder with a high-end PCLD display. Designed to be functional and cost-effective the Avenger 8x42 LRF will become a crucial part of your observation kit. 

More Information

More Information
Brand WULF
Product Name A-Z (NEW) WULF Avenger 8x42 1200m Laser Rangefinding Binocular w/ Binocular Harness
SKU WU6500
Bino/Mono Magnification 8x

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  • Range: 5-1,200 meters (tree)  
  • Accuracy: ±1 M(Y)  
  • Wavelength: 905nm 
  • Display: PCLD 
  • Body Material: ABS plastic and rubber 
  • Dimension: 153*128*45mm  
  • Battery: CR2-3V 
  • Water Resistant: IPX 4  
  • Weight: 525g (18.5 oz) 
  • Function: Scan, Line of Sight Distance, Horizontal Distance, Tilt Angle  
  • Magnification: 8X  
  • Objective Lens Effective Diameter: 42mm  
  • Diopter Adjustable Range: ±5 degree  
  • Exit-Pupil Diameter: 3.3mm  
  • Eye Relief: 16mm  
  • Field of View: 7°  
  • Prism: K9  
  • Alignment Focus: Center focusing adjustment  
  • Coating: Multi-layer coating  
  • Warranty: Lifetime  
  • SKU: WU6500 


  • PCLD Display providing an uninterrupted FOV 
  • 5-1200m (Tree) Ranging Finding ability 
  • Fully Multi-Coated Crystal Lenses 
  • Adjustable Objective down to 10 meters 
  • WULF Binocular harness included 
  • Scan, Line of Sight Distance, Horizontal Distance, Tilt Angle  
  • WULF Titanium Lifetime Warranty 


Are these optically comparable to Vortex fury and Delta 9x45 LRF? 
Absolutely not, please do not expect these to perform optically on the same level as the above binoculars. These are entry-level binoculars optically with the convenience of an internal rangefinder. In decent light conditions these binoculars perform well but as light diminishes their optical performance follows
What have these Rangefinding binoculars been designed for? 
The WULF Avengers have been bought to the market to be used for day use at the range or in the field. They are also suitable for bird watching, hiking and exploring. 
Are the Binoculars good value for money? 
Yes 100%, the WULF Avengers offer excellent value for money-the convenience of only having to carry one unit instead of two individual units-an extremely accurate reliable 1200m rangefinder-a top end Lifetime Warranty-a bino Pack included in the Price. But as with all things price will be a factor in performance and these binos cannot compete with higher price units selling at £900-£1000 plus.
How would you class these binoculars in comparison to the competition? 
We would say these Binoculars offer an optical performance that is under what you would see from a Vortex crossfire or Delta Forest which retail around £145 but with the added benefit of a consistent and reliable 1200m rangefinder. This is something that isn't present in most entry-level binoculars. 
How do these binoculars perform in low light? 
Due to the retrofitting rangefinder and waterproofing design, these binoculars offer a low light performance that would be graded a 5/10, and Swarovski’s would be graded as a 10/10. This is due to the effective diameter of the objective lenses being 18mm. 
Why are there blanking plates in the objective lenses reducing objective diameter?
The blanking plates are there to ensure the binocular is waterproof/weatherproof and the rangefinder module is not visible.
Can the Avenger actually rangefinder 1200m?
Yes the Avenger can rangefinder 1200m, this binocular has actually ranged slightly over at 1239m. 

In the box?

Wulf Avenger 8x42 1200m LRF Binocular with Harness. 


WULF Unlimited Lifetime Warranty:

We know first-hand the importance of reliability and performance. Split seconds and hairline distances are common in our game and we need equipment that will consistently perform and last.


Download Manual HERE