Barton GunWorks Accurate Enforcer -.30/7.62mm-14x1

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Barton GunWorks Accurate Enforcer -.30/7.62mm-14x1

Barton GunWorks rifle moderators are manufactured and assembled in the UK.

The unique baffle system attenuates muzzle blast but minimises barrel length.

A bushless design reduces the chance of marring the rifle barrel. The rear of the moderator is shaped to reduce glare when using a rifle mounted lamp or night vision system.

The whole system is designed to be efficient and light, perfect for those situations where you wish to keep weight to a minimum.

The Accurate Enforcer has been designed to compliment particular calibers and requirements without compromising effectiveness.

ACCURATE ENFORCER is designed for large calibers specifically for Long Range, Tactical shooting and available in .30 cal and .338.

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